Simply smart WiFi

Eliminate the cost and complexity of deploying and managing WiFi across one site or thousands.


Best WiFi Hardware Warranty

Five Year Warranty on Enterprise Indoor Wi-Fi equipment:

  • cnMatrix™ Enterprise Switches
  • cnPilot™ Enterprise Indoor Access Points
    • cnPilot™ e410
    • cnPilot™ e430
    • cnPilot™ e600

Three Year Warranty on Outdoor Equipment:

  • cnPilot™ Enterprise Outdoor Wi-Fi
    • cnPilot™ e700
    • cnPilot™ e500
    • cnPilot™ e501S
    • cnPilot™ e502S

Deployments made easy

Enter the MAC address for an AP, plug it in, and it’s up and running. It’s that easy.

  • Zero-touch configuration for one access point or thousands
  • Flexible mounting for installs indoors and out
  • Create secure public and private networks in seconds
  • Automatic channel configuration
  • Self-forming, self-healing encrypted mesh, and automatic failover for coverage in hard to reach places

Intuitive cloud management

Powerful enough for pros.

Easy enough for anyone.

  • Centralized cloud-based management with cnMaestro™
  • Detailed views of networks, access points, switches and clients all in one place
  • Automatic alerts when access points go offline
  • Bandwidth limits, device reboot, and client blocking
  • Powerful captive portal with easy splash page editing
  • Free for the life of the product

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Serious Reliability

Built to keep your network running, no matter what happens.

  • Scheduled maintenance to minimize disruptions
  • Safe over-the-air upgrades
  • Out-of-band management to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Redundant dashboard hosting for minimal cloud downtime
  • Automatic failover to a healthy node if an AP fails

Cloud-managed networking with no license fees.

Every Cambium Networks product includes a license to cnMaestro™, Cambium Networks’ cloud-based dashboard that enables IT pros to easily manage one access point or thousands across multiple locations.

The future-proof WiFi Access Points